All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (2024)

All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (1)

The Occultist is an NPC in Diablo 4 (D4) that allows players to access the Codex of Power, imprint legendary aspects, craft Nightmare Sigils, and reroll affixes. Read on to learn more about the Occultist and its features including a guide on how to enchant and replace the affixes of your items!

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All Occultist Features

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Imprinting Extraction Sigil Crafting

Legendary Aspect Imprinting

All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (5)

One of the Occultist's primary functions is to allow players to imprint Legendary Aspects onto Rare or Legendary items in exchange for Veiled Crystals and Gold. Imprinting will either upgrade an item to Legendary (if the base item was Rare), or overwrite the original Legendary power of the item (if the base item was Legendary).

In Diablo 4, Legendary Aspects can be obtained by completing any of the open-world Dungeons for the first time or by extracting them from Legendary Items. Collected Aspects can be viewed via the Codex of Power (Dungeon Aspects) or your inventory's Aspects tab (Extracted Legendary Aspects).

Imprinting Costs Vary by Item Power

All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (6)

Depending on the Item Power of the item you're about to imprint Aspects on, the Gold and material costs can vary. From our testing, imprinting onto gear with 400 Item Power or higher will start requiring Legendary crafting materials like Baleful Fragments, Coiling Wards, and Abstruse Sigils.

Item Type Imprinting Cost
Weapon Veiled Crystals
Baleful Fragments (400 Item Power and higher)
Armor Veiled Crystals
Coiling Wards (400 Item Power and higher)
Jewelry Veiled Crystals
Abstruse Sigils (400 Item Power and higher)

Available Aspect Types are Determined by the Gear Slot

Not every item is possible to use with every Aspect. Each Aspect Type has a set list of Gear Slots which it can be imprinted on.

Aspect Type Allowed Gear Slots
Offensive Amulet, Weapon, Gloves, Ring
Defensive Shield, Helm, Chest, Pants, Amulet
Resource Ring
Utility Shield, Helm, Chest, Amulet, Gloves, Boots
Mobility Amulet, Boots

What Is the Codex of Power?

Legendary Aspect Extraction

All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (7)

Aside from imprinting, the Occultist can also extract Legendary Aspects from any of your extra Legendary Items in exchange for Gold. However, do note that extracting Aspects from items will destroy that item permanently.

Once an Aspect is extracted from an item, it can be found in your inventory's Aspects tab. Unlike Dungeon-unlocked Aspects, these extracted variants can only be used once. After they are imprinted into an item, they can no longer be extracted and re-used for a second time.

List of All Extractable Legendary Aspects

Craft and Scrap Nightmare Sigils

All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (8)

Nightmare Sigils can be crafted at an Occultist and used to transform Dungeons into Nightmare Dungeons as part of Diablo 4's endgame. Nightmare Dungeons are much more difficult versions of the open-world Dungeons, containing harder enemies and multiple afflictions much like the Challenge Rifts in Diablo 3.

Players will need Sigil Powder in order to craft Nightmare Sigils from Tiers 1 to 100 at the Occultist. They can also salvage existing Nightmare Sigils in their inventory to recoup Sigil Powder for higher tier Sigil crafts, later on.

How to Get Nightmare Sigils

How to Reroll Stats

Obtain a Rare or Legendary Item With an Affix You Want to Change

All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (9)

Enchanting in Diablo 4 will only work for Rare and Legendary quality items you have in your inventory. Once you have an item of Rare or Legendary quality, slot it into the Enchanting tab of the Occultist and pick an affix that you want to change.

Those unfamiliar with what Affixes are, can easily check for them by hovering over any one of their items. Once the tooltip displays, look for stats that are displayed via bullet points. These are your current item's Affixes and they can be replaced via Enchanting.

Replace an Affix via the Enchanting Tab

All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (10)

Item Quality Enchanting Cost
Rare Veiled Crystal x1
Legendary ・Fiend Rose x1
Veiled Crystal x1

Once you've selected an Affix you want to replace, spend Gold and Crafting Materials to replace the affix. Upon replacement, you will be given a choice between 3 options. 2 of these will be random Affixes that you can use to replace the current one, and the third will be a No Change option. Do note that the No Change option will still consume the materials spent.

Note: You can only replace 1 Affix per item. Once you've replaced one Affix via Enchanting, you will not be able to replace any of the other Affixes attached to the item except the one you rolled.

How to Unlock the Occultist

Complete a Dungeon or Reach Level 25

All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (11)

The Occultist can only be unlocked by either acquiring a Legendary Aspect or reaching Level 25. The easiest way to unlock the Occultist NPC is by completing a Dungeon for the first time and getting your first Legendary Aspect.

How to Level Up Fast

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All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (12)

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All Occultist Features | How to Reroll Stats | Diablo 4 (D4)|Game8 (2024)


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