100 Things about Peter Kemp

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1. Peter was born on August 9th, 1970. His full name is Peter Gabriel Kemp.

2. Peter's father, Klaus Kempf, was born in Dresden, Germany. He went to live with some relatives in London to study law at London University. He anglisiczed his name like that of his British relatives soon after he arrived.

3. Peter's mother, Louise Whitney met Klaus while at Uni. She was studying law as well.

4. Peter has one sister, Elizabeth Prudence Long nee` Kemp elizabeth_long. She is 39, and he practically raised Peter from the age of 14. He loves her deeply and he still buys her a mother's day gift every year. Elizabeth had a husband, David, who died a few years ago. She is now in a relationship with a woman, Emma winters_love, and they adopted a teenage girl together.

5. Peter had another sister, Margaret Anne, but she died of Luekemia at the age of 14. Peter was 11.

6. Peter and his siblings were brought up speaking both English and German and both Liz and Peter speak both languages fluently.

7. Thanks to his religious studies, Peter can also speak Latin, Greek, Italian, read and write Hebrew, and he's pretty good at Aramaic too. Oh...and French... If you ask him to speak or translate anything other than German or English, however, you will have one whiny ex-priest on your hands. He is currently learning Spanish because that's Aly's second language.

8. Peter's middle name 'Gabriel' comes from his mother's half brother. Gabriel Whitney is a defense attorney and he has two daughters, Bianca Louise Whitney fallslike_rain and Bonnie Kathleen 'Kat' Whitney angels_facade. He really really wishes he had a son. He thinks his daughters are weird. (since I started this list...Bianca kicked the bucket. Sad.)

9. After Peter's sister's death, Peter's mother Louise became distraught. He didn't deal with her grief and she spent all her time holed up in her deceased daughter's room. She convinced herself that Margaret was still alive, and spent 3 years having to be looked after by the Kemp family's parish priest. That priest is why Peter wanted to become a member of the clergy.

10. When Louise got worse, Klaus spent more and more time away from his family until he was only home on weekends. He drowned his sorrows in alcohol. Gabriel stopped seeing the family as well. Peter was taken care of by Elizabeth though she was in school herself.

11. Peter's father died in a car accident when he was 14. Unable to deal with the grief of losing someone else, his mother hung herself in Margaret's room. Peter was the one to find her and he still has nightmares of that day. Incidently, he's also terrified of wearing a tie because it feels like a noose. Don't even talk about priest collars ;)

12. Elizabeth left school to help raise Peter full time and she's never finished. She has two years left to complete to recieve a bachelor of the arts degree, but her says her life is too full now. And also perfect. And she doesn't need it.

13. Even though Peter has recently gotten back in to contact with Gabriel, he hadn't seen him since his mother's funeral and he wasn't aware that he had 2 cousins until this year. This is how he met them.

14. Peter spent all of secondary school preparing to be a monk. At the age of 18 he was accepect as a notivate at Downside Abbey in Bath. It was there that he met his best friend Thomas Ashley Littleton suave_thomas. They quickly became inseperable.

15. Peter's first name means 'Rock'. He's a lot of people's rock and it is thus very appropriate. His middle name means 'God's Warrior'. Maybe he was always meant to be a priest. His last name means wrestler. That's less true.

16. During his years at Downside Abbey, Peter served as the church's chorusmaster as well as helping out with the Abbey School. He and Thomas investigated odd things for the monastary and they worked closely together, even travelling occasionally.

17. Unfortunately the last thing that they investigated turned out to be an actual demon by the name of Svetlana Kavenskaya. Thinking they had come upon a true case of posession, Thomas and Peter tried to perform an exorcism. They had no idea what they were up against and Svetlana snapped Thomas's neck and knocked Peter out.

18. To keep the abbey out of trouble, Peter was asked to take the responsibility of Thomas's death and he would be punished accordingly. Peter had lost his faith the instant Thomas was killed, however. he considered Thomas's death his fault anyway. He accepted the blame and then fled the abbey that night, returning to London.

19. Peter spent three months mired in a alcohol fueled depression. By the end of it, his sister snapped him out of it and told Peter he needed to find something to do with his life. She sent him to London Uni, but instead of registering for classes, he met Katherine Daniells. Liz was not happy.

20. Peter dated Katherine for a few months and she became the first woman he ever slept with. A lot...Katherine was a bit of a hellion and she liked to have sex in public places. Being fairly naieve, Peter went along with it. He has had sex in most buildings on the London University campus and in a women's bathroom at a concert. As a result he didn't see the bad. He did not, however, complain.

21. Katherine discovered she was pregnant and Peter proposed to her. She refused. Only about 3 people on Earth know this occurred.

22. When Peter and Katherine's daughter was born, she was named Lydia Ashley Daniels. lyddie_girl The Ashley is after Thomas's middle name. Peter knew he hated that name but he did it anyway, especially since he didn't think Thomas would care so much, being dead.

23. Before Lydia's name was decided on, Peter went to visit her in the nursery and he called her Little Girl. It's a nickname that stuck.

24. The first time Peter held Lydia, he decided he wanted to help. He knew there was something out there that most people never learned about. He'd seen a demon. He was sick of watching the world in fear. He turned back to the church because it was the only way he knew to help. He went to a seminary and became a priest who worked out of Melk Abbey.

25. The years Peter trained for the preisthood and served as a priest add up to 11. In all those 11 years, he didn't break his vows even though he didn't believe a word of the religion. Not until he came back to London in the 11th year anyway. Ahem.

26. During the 11 years, Peter started dreaming of demons, and he went to help them. He documented every case in his journals. He always failed to save the demon he dreamed about in the end however. (Or so he thought) Something that didn't exactly help his massive guilt complex.

27. The first demon that ever came to him was Deirdre Gallagher deirdre_ionuin. Peter met her at his abbey in Austria on February 5th, 2006. Somehow he knew she'd be different and she was. She was from London and he was sent there as well. They developed a friendship, and eventually in May when Deirdre was very close to losing her battle with her inner demon, Peter knew what he had to do to save her. He locked himself in a room with her and he said that anything she was going to do, she had to do to him first. He knew she wouldn't kill him. She did cause significant damage, but she was saved.

28. Peter was dismissed from his post when it was discovered that he had a daughter. He took the abbot with him, however, when Peter discovered that the Abbot was fiddling with little girls. The abbot was arrested.

29. One of the little girls, who had been appearing to Peter in dreams, turned out to be an angel. Peter couldn't leave her to be raised in an orphanage so he adopted her. Her name is Annaliese Roemer-Kemp little_annachen and she's as much his daughter as Lydia is.

30. Before Peter left the abbey for good, he discovered a fellow monk at Melk was an angel as well. Rolf remains a close confidant of Peter's (even though Peter thinks he's slightly mental) and he told Peter a lot about the world of angels and demons. Up until this point, Peter hadn't known what the people were when he helped them. He just knew they were different.

31. Peter's favourite colour is teal. He doesn't care that it's girly. (He says 'So's your face!')

32. Peter's favourite food is anything pastaey.

33. Peter is telling me his favorite food is beans because he likes to make me giggle.

34. Peter bought a motorcycle but it was wrecked in an accident that resulted in Peter breaking both his legs, one of his arms and several ribs. He was also in a coma for several days. He had to be in a wheelchair for a vast amount of time and Peter found it intensely frustrating since he's used to being 'action guy'.

35. Peter is immortal. He can't be killed and any mortal injuries he recieves will heal themselves automatically. Not, however, until he is at the point of death. So when Peter was in a coma and being kept alive artificially, it was actually keeping him in that state. It was Deirdre who figured out that if Peter was taken off life support, he'd be back with them in a matter of moments. And she was right.

36. Peter hasn't always been immortal. It's a recent development. Peter's dreams led him and his best friend David whichdoctor to a house in Scotland. They thought they were saving a girl, Lauren, but Lauren had been dead for years. Her spirit tried to join with Peter and make him an angel. The thought of someone else's voice in his head was not pleasent, however, and Peter threw a fit and screamed until the spirit left him. Peter was an angel for 3 and a half minutes. He remains immortal and Lauren, left her memories behind. Not all of them are pleasent. She was studying French at a Scottish University and that is now the reason Peter can speak French. It freaks him out and he pretends he can't.

37. Peter is married to the sister of his best friend. (Reception here) Her name is Alyona ghost_within and Peter finally feels like he has someone that understands him. They have a very cute and tender relationship. They just get each other. She has one son, Caleb, from her previous marriage to her late husband William.

38. Once, Aly said William's name in bed. To Peter's credit, he didn't freak out, nor did he get upset about it. He was perfectly lovely.

39. Caleb calls Peter 'daddy'. Peter thinks that might be the best thing ever. Peter is in the process of adopting him and Aly is in the process of adopting Peter's girls.

40. Aly and Peter are expecting a son, Thomas David Kemp, who will be born sometime in May. Peter is very much looking forward to having more children. He might be slightly babycrazy.

41. In November 2006, Peter spent some time in jail because he refused to help an investigation against his friend and pseudo-daughter Deirdre Gallagher. He was only there for 5 days, however, information about a previous jail stint came to the surface. Deirdre turned herself in and the 'incident' in question was ruled 'self-defense'.

42. In jail, Peter's guard was a man by the name of Paul Montrose officer_paul. Paul hated that Peter was there and they often talked and smoked together. When Peter was released, he and Paul maintained their friendship.

43. In November 2006, one of the demons Peter had tried to save in the past showed up at his doorstep. Her name is Samantha nightingalesoul. Samantha Montrose in fact. Yes, she's Paul's wife. And it turns out that Peter's advice helped her save herself. Peter no longer feels like a failure and it started a new quest for Peter to go back to all the demons and try to help them again. Now he feels his only failure was in giving up.

44. At the end of 2006, Tasha Stukov-Baudrillard's parents were killed. Tasha had once been a horrible cutthroat girl, but she'd changed in recent months and when she asked Peter if he would be her legal guardian, he was glad to accept. The two of them now have a beautiful father/daughter relationship, which is only slightly weird because Tasha empress_tasha is dating Peter's niece, Hope relinquite_spes.

45. Peter's niece, Hope, was adopted by Emma and Liz in October 2006. Incidently, she's the girl who hit him with the car and put him in a coma. Peter has since forgiven her!

46. When Peter was a priest, he was called to give the Last Rites to a woman who had been dying of cancer for months. When he arrived, he discovered she wasn't actually dying yet, just suffering terribly. The family had called him in the hopes that he'd end her suffering because the doctors wouldn't. Peter didn't want to, but after speaking with her, he agreed. He ended her life, and it's something that's haunted him since that day. Only Deirdre, David, Thomas and Aly know about it.

47. Svetlana, the demon that killed Thomas, has come back to terrorise Peter several times over the years. She's taken his daughters and once...him. She's created a delusion where they're married and the children are hers. She thinks he's cheating on her with Aly, which caused her to burn Aly's house to the ground. Luckily Aly wasn't IN it at the time.

48. Peter's wife was attacked because of a venegeful girl, Amaris if_i_ever_loved, who was trying to get back at David through his sister. She fed Aly a poisoned muffin in the hopes that it would kill Aly's unborn child. What it did do was severely damage Aly's body. It also made Peter realise that it's likely that his son is immortal like he is since the child shouldn't have lived but did.

49. Aly is coming to terms with the fact that she's going to be sickly for the rest of her life. Peter and his wonderful family certainly help. She was always active and sporty. She enjoyed dancing and was a championship swimmer. Now she has to spend most of her days in bed because her body is having a hard time with the pregnancy. Peter is amazing at keeping her positive.

50. When Aly asked if there were any way she could be immortal like Peter, Peter said he could never do that to her. He loves her too much. Immortality isn't a gift, it's a burden and if Aly stayed with Peter forever, she could never go be with her first husband who died. Peter understands that Aly loves him as much as she ever did and it wouldn't be fair of him to monopolise her. She agreed, though she loved him too much not to offer. She remains mortal and always will. And she's quite grateful he wasn't dumb enough to make her otherwise!!

51. Even so, Peter has a crippling fear of losing her, and indeed everyone he loves. He's lost his best friend Thomas, his parents and his older sister. He's kinda sick of losing people and now knowing he has to lose several others isn't particularly good for his mental state. He's willing to endure the pain so they don't have to endure the same, however.

52. Peter travelled to Brazil with a demon, Josie coldinhergrave to rescue another demon, Rosa. Rosa was considered a 'messenger of God' and she was being kept tied to a cross and people would come and pray to her. It was evidence that she was protected by god because she neither ate nor drank but lived. Peter wasn't going to stand for that so he and Josie cut her down and took her home with them. Now Rosa is intensely protective of the both of them and will break the wrists of anyone that tries to touch them if she thinks they're threatening.

53. Peter isn't always so smart. His best friend is going through a tough time, and Peter's turned back to drinking. BAD PETER! Alcoholism runs in the family, but Peter didn't get the memo. Actually he did, but he balled it up and threw it at the messenger.

54. Even if he is drinking, Peter would never let it take him away from his family. His family remains the most important thing to him. Ever.

55. Peter's 'family' includes several people not actually related to him, such as Deirdre, Deirdre's girlfriends Renee seminalsemiotic and Kait juniper_berries, Pierre eligible_boy, Slink slinkster_ghoul, Josie, Tamm darktammquility, Nancy thegraceoflove and Scarlett scarlettvoices and so on.

56. Peter is slightly disturbed by the fact that his 11-year-old daughter has a 'boyfriend'. She spends lots of time with Deirdre's half-brother Dylan dylan_patrick. Dylan is a wunderkind genius, however, and acts and speaks like he's 35. Peter knows he can trust the boy, it's just weird. Peter maintains that Lydia will not have sex until she is 42.

57. Where Lydia is fairly introverted and shy, Peter's daughter Anna is open, friendly and extroverted. She loves people. This might be because she's an angel. Anna is known for hanging with Deirdre's tougher 'metal' friends as well as her eclectic cousin, Kat. She wants to dye her gorgeous blonde hair black, and she likes giving Tamm Morrison a 'horns up' sign and metal growling. Peter is sure she's going to grow up to be some sort of rock star.

58. Caleb thinks he's a ninja. That's really all I can say there. Peter enrolled him in some karate classes though, so he can learn the art of balacing his chi!

59. Peter wears boxers. He wants you to know that. I do not know why...

60. When Peter gets worried, he doesn't eat. As a result, Peter is far too skinny, considering all he has to worry about. When he gains weight, he's always pleasently surprised, though he tends to lose it a week later. Even though he's very scrawny, Peter is not weak. He's actually surprisingly strong because he's careful to keep himself in shape (Physical therapy helped as well) but it would be VERY easy to underestimate him. Really. And he kind of hates that.

61. Sometimes, to amuse Aly, Peter dresses up in her clothes. They don't fit her right now anyway. Then she takes them off him and they have sex.

62. Peter and Aly have sex a lot. Aly's rather..uhm...uninhibited. Peter thinks that's rather grand.

63. Peter doesn't really like animals. He thinks they're dirty. The exception is Lydia's dog Petey. He adores Petey and can't explain why. Still, he knows it's not fair to keep his kids from having pets just because they kinda gross him out, so all his kids have one. It's their responsibility to take care of them although they're closely monitored by the adults. Anna has a kitten named Ludwig, Caleb has an Italian Greyhound named Raphael and Lydia has Petey (a border collie) and a horse named Sebastian.

64. Anna's kitten Ludwig sleeps. A lot. Like all the time. And usually in Peter's lap. That makes Peter make this face :|.

65. Kat's dog, Cardinal Sin also lives with Peter. She lives in an apartment and couldn't keep him there. Cardinal Sin is a huge dalmation who likes to knock Peter down and sit on him. Peter wonders if he smells like liversnaps. Sinny is always incredibly gentle with everyone else! Maybe it's a testosterone thing.

66. Peter is going to let Tasha take him to get his ear pierced.

67. Peter has an incredibly irrational phobia of spiders. We're talking crippling. We're talking squealing and telling his nine-year-old daughter to 'get it'. Which Anna always does. She always sets the spider outside so it can be 'free'. He's such a manly man.

68. Peter has had 5 'relationships' total counting Aly. He was with Katherine for roughly a year. She cheated on him the entire time. He was with a 17-year-old girl (THAT IS LEGAL IN THE UK, YO...) at the very end of his priestly years. Then he had a relationship with 'She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'. Because of canon changes in his story, it was decided he dated a woman (who's name they do not say because I'm too lazy to come up with one) who he thought was perfect but only wanted to change him. She wanted to make him hers. She also slept with other people. Uncool. But I had to make a reason why he'd be single again! We could call her Katherine the Second, I suppose. Anyway his bad breakup with crazy bitch led to, amoung other things, a fairly hilarious 'midlife crisis'. Oh right, the other person Peter has been with is his best friend Thomas. But shhh, they don't do that anymore. Really. Considering Thomas is now sleeping with Peter's cousin when he 'visits'. Which is just odd.

69. During his midlife crisis, Peter and Liz went shopping for clothes so Peter could be 'snazzier'. He wanted to get a leather jacket and he did. He's so hardcore.

70. When Peter was a little boy, he really wanted to be a clown. Until his accomodating mother hired one for a birthday party and the clown shot Peter with water and made him cry. Now Peter fears clowns. Because of a little water, the baby.

71. Peter's mother used to sing 'Aura Lee' to Peter when putting him to sleep. Every once in a while, you'll catch him humming it.

72. Peter has a distincly pleasent singing voice, probably inherited from his mother. He doesn't often use it, however. It makes him turn red.

73. Peter's favourite band is Dream Theater. They SO get him. He especially loves Space-Dye Vest, Endless Sacrifice and Take Me As I Am (Because it speaks of his plight with the church AND evil bitchfaces)

74. Peter's favourite song ever, is not a Dream Theater song at all, but Walkin' on Sunshine. It's his mobile ringtone and sometimes he'll ring himself just to listen to it.

75. Peter has been stabbed in the chest and hung multiple times. He's getting a bit sick of it and wishes people would stop. Except for one of the hangings he did himself. He was a mite drunk at the time....

76. Peter doesn't take himself all that seriously. He's quite happy to let his daughters put ribbons in his hair and then go do the shopping. He has a well-developed sense of humor, and considering the amount of training Thomas gave him, he never takes teasing seriously. He's really very easy to get along with.

77. Peter's father never really spoke about his emotions. Because of that, Peter might he guilty of overcompensating a bit. He wants the people he loves to know he loves them because he always wondered if his father even cared. He doesn't want anyone else to feel that way. THAT is why Peter gushes. And gushes. He tells his children how proud he is of them constantly. He tells his wife he loves her about once every 5 minutes. So far, none of them have complained.

78. Peter believes, perhaps a tad naievely, that no one is beyond help. That doesn't mean he believes he himself can help everyone. But he does believe that one should never give up. He doesn't believe any demon should just be killed because of what they do because then you never get the chance to TRY to help them. While it may be a bit misguided, it's the reason he does what he does and manages to help so many people, even if he does take it rather personally when he can't help. He pouts. Rather magnificently, in fact.

79. Peter probably gets his charitable soul from his sister Liz. The Kemps are very old money and they have a lot of it. A LOT. They don't live like 'rich people' though (Except for the house...s), because Peter and Liz both hate the idea of being seen as above anyone. Liz volunteers at a battered women's shelter and they both donate large sums of money to charities every year. Every Christmas they buy presents for the children's home that is attached to the shelter Liz volunteers at. They are also known for taking people into their home who have nowhere else to go. LOTS of people in fact. And an escaped mental patient demon who lives in the guesthouse!

80. Peter drives a 2006 red Jag. He did NOT buy the car for himself, however. He bought it for a police officer who he befriended in Scotland. The police officer was quite round and wanted the car to help him with 'the ladies'. Then one day Dorian the Vampire dorian_the_gray showed up at Peter's house driving it, not knowing Peter knew the man he'd killed to steal it. Peter was NOT happy. In fact, he hit Dorian with a shovel and imprisoned him in his toolshed. He drives the car now because he feels like if he gives it to someone else, it'll seal their death warrant and it's not like HE can die. He does, however, hate the damn car. He thinks it's far too flashy. Thomas and Tamm? They love it.

81. Peter cannot cook. Well, he can make pancakes and eggs, but that is it. He tends to burn everything else. Badly. But once, Deirdre suggested he hire a cook and Peter told her to 'take it back!'

82. I just realised I didn't EXPLAIN Thomas. Wunderbar, Lara. So...Thomas is Peter's best friend. Who died. But angels can resurrect the souls of the dead if they're needed, but then they're stuck here on Earth until they complete their quest. Thomas has been brought back several times to help Peter out of suckarse situations. They're starting to realise they need him more and more though and if he's here too long, the pull on him from both sides starts to cause him pain. Peter's not so sure if bringing him back again is such a fantastic idea (But Lara is addicted so it will happen, just you watch. Peter+Thomas=Priceless. Really.)

83. While on the inside, Peter Kemp is a gigantic softly, he has the ability to be quite 'tough' and ocasionally kinda scary when he needs to be. Take the shovel incident, for instance. Or the time he locked a woman in her own closet because of the way she treated Rosa. Or when he asked Dorian the Thespian Vampire if the 'elitest co*cksucker bullsh*t' worked on the fans. Ahem.

84. When Thomas and Peter were monks, Thomas was quite the troublemaker. For reference see, The Gooey Thing Inicdent, The Holy Wine Incident, The Tuna Juice Incident and the Barn Incident. The Barn Incident was explained in a thread which is no longer part of canon, though the Barn Incident still is. Peter and Thomas were investigating a barn and Peter had the bad fortune to fall into a pile of cow sh*te. He had to remove his robes (he was wearing clothes underneath kthx). They had to sleep in the barn and it was cold, so a freezing to death Peter snuggled up to a happily warm Thomas and proceeded to dream. And kiss Thomas in his sleep. Making Thomas Peter's first kiss. Thomas is rather proud of that even if Peter wasn't awake for it!

85. Peter is a closet architecture nerd. He LOVES architecture, especially very old cathedrals that took hundreds of years to build. He says he loves that people put their whole lives into them and never saw the finished product. That's dedication. He realises this makes him a bit of a wanker.

86. Peter hates flying. Hates it. That's the reason he always takes the train when it's at all possible. He doesn't like being that high up. I think he may have gotten that from me, I really do.

87. Peter has no artistic talent whatsoever. He cannot draw a thing. He's a very verbal person. When he's upset, he writes. He talks. Hell, he even sings. He does not draw. But Peter's generally very good at not letting his emotions get pent up. (This is where you're allowed to laugh at Blantant Lie there...)

88. Peter tries to help everyone. Without fail. Hell, if Svetlana asked him for help, he'd probably do it. But there are some people he doesn't really like. Svetlana is of course on the list. Then there's Mia Sunderland who killed Bianca and Father Bianco (HAH I...I just realised their names are like exactly the same..) There's Katherine, who kidnapped Lydia from him for a time, but she's getting better now. There's Liam Gallagher who mistreated Deirdre. And then there's Antanasia Dumitra. OH how he dislikes Antanasia. She's an angel and therefore thinks she's above everyone else. Peter hates it when anyone thinks that, let alone exercises power to be that. Peter wishes she would go mute. Really. But he still let her stay in his house when she needed to. So what it he made her stay in the 'servant's quarters' in the basem*nt...

89. I love sarcastic Peter. He was visiting the US once, and a woman told him to say British words like 'lorry' and 'scone' and he said 'bollocks'. She wasn't impressed. She hit him with her purse. Peter was sad. He said a British word!

90. Peter has a master's degree in theology and pastoral care. He calls it his 'Master's Degree in being a Party Pooper'.

91. Peter is really incredibly good at playing darts. It's a useless skill, but he's rather proud of it.

92. Evanna Reeves, Deirdre's cousin, calls Peter Yoda. He likes that.

93. When Peter gets tired, he uses even longer words. He really doesn't know what that is.

94. I am running out of long explainy things, aren't you glad!? Oooh! Peter is just over 6 feet tall with a very thin frame and a baby face. His hair is brown and crazy, and his eyes are brown. They are, however, less crazy.

95. Peter didn't date in high school. Liz more than made up for it. She dated a lot. Peter used to do impressions of the losers she'd bring home and Liz used to sit on him.

96. Liz still sits on him when he's a bad boy. She also made him eat a cigarette once because she caught him smoking. He's afraid of her, but loves her dearly anyway.

97. Peter only smokes when he needs something to soothe his nerves. It's a crutch, but he's by no means addicted. He doesn't have a niccotine issue like he does with alcohol. And it's not like he's going to die of lung cancer.

98. Peter loves tea. Peter loves tea because it reminds him of Thomas. Whenever Thomas and Peter talked, he made his special 'Thomas talky tea'. Thomas, however, does not drink tea. He maintains that he is not an old lady, and therefore shall not partake of the beverage. Peter says :P

99. If Peter ever met a member of Dream Theater, he'd faint. I'm not joking. Like he faints when he thinks about strippers. And not because he thinks they're so hot. They just kinda shock him.

100.Peter hates bananas. He thinks they are stupidly shaped. Don't you forget it.

SPECIAL 101. Peter was first used in a thread on the 5th of February last year, but his journal wasn't created until later and his first scene alone wasn't until the 16th of February. Yes I know that date without checking too. On the 5th when I wrote the Deirdre scene, his words just came to me and when he turned to tell Deirdre his name, I didn't even have to stop and think. Then I was listening to the commentary by Hanz Holzer on the original Amityville Horor DVD and he was talking about priests and I wanted a priest character. I converted Peter (who was a monk in the scene at first) into a priest and created his journal. That night I couldn't sleep and the next day I wrote 22 pages of what would happen over the next few weeks of his life. He hasn't stopped talking since. I hope he never does.



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