Outrage as 7ft 1ins wrestler swings around world's shortest woman (2024)

A video of the 7ft 1in giant The Great Khali lifting the world's shortest woman with one hand before swinging the 2ft Indian around and putting her on his knee has sparked outrage on social media.

The wrestler, whose real name is Dalip Singh Rana, was seen picking up Jyoti Amge, 30, in a bizarre video posted on his Instagram page.

The footage shows the retired WWE wrestler with his large hands wrapped fully around the woman's waist while she stood on his knee beaming into the camera.

Then holding her with one hand around the stomach, he lifted Jyoti into the air before effortlessly swinging her back and forth as the pair laughed.

As he brings her back down to his leg, she can be seen giggling while holding onto his fingers in an effort to retain her balance as they chat to the camera.

In bizarre footage posted to The Great Khali's Instagram page, the 7ft 1in wrestler can be seen holding the world's shortest woman Jyoti Amge balance on his knee

Dalip Singh Rana (real name) is then seen lifting the 30-year-old up into the air in a clip that sparked outrage on social media

The Great Khali is seen swinging Jyoti back and forth as she giggles

Khali then tips her backwards so she is laying horizontally in the palm of his hand before he begins rocking her back and forth again.

The video was uploaded over the weekend and has already racked up over 134million views.

In another similar video, Jyoti could be heard saying she 'is feeling nice' before the giant man lifts her up and swings her again.

She chuckled as Khali asked her: Are you feeling scared?' to which she replied: Yes'.

The clip has sparked debate, however, as some viewers have questioned whether it is appropriate to interact with an adult woman in this manner.

'This looks very uncomfortable and highly objectionable. It seems as if she is just a toy to him...,' one user commented under the controversial post.

The post sparked outrage as people questioned whether this was an appropriate way to interact with an adult woman

Another asked: 'She is a grown woman, is it okay to hold her like that?'

One more responded: 'Why is he picking her up? Isn't this woman an adult? Don't think this should make anyone laugh'.

Khali was the first professional wrestler on WWE, and at one point challenged John Cena for the World Championship title.

The bizarre post comes just three months after Jyoti was reunited for the first time in six years with the world's tallest man Sultan Kosen following their iconic photoshoot in front of the Egyptian pyramids.

Kosen, who stands at a staggering 8ft 3in, met Jyoti in Irvine, California, on February 19, as they posed for photos.

Jyoti was seen standing next to one of Kosen's giant shoes which was nearly as tall as her.

In another extraordinary photo, Jyoti and Kosen strike the same pose sitting on the floor with one leg tucked and one leg stretched out while she was the same height as his knee.

In February, Jyoti was reunited with the world's tallest man Sultan Kosen, and was pictured posing on his lap and next to his giant shoe

Kosen, 41, and Amge, 30, previously met for a photoshoot in Cairo, Egypt , in 2018, where they posed in front of the Giza Pyramids as part of a campaign to revive the country's struggling tourism industry

One more image showed the tall man sitting on the Kosen's lap as he sat back in a chair - but despite stretching up high, the world's smallest woman only reached up to his collarbone.

The 41-year-old giant and the 2ft woman previously met for a photoshoot in Cairo, Egypt, in 2018, where they posed in front of the Giza Pyramids as part of a campaign to revive the country's struggling tourism industry.

Amge has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia that stopped her growth, while Kosen had a tumor that caused pituitary gigantism, which gave him a massive growth spurt aged 10.

As a teen, Amge weighed just 11lbs, and she was officially declared the world's smallest woman in 2011 after her 18th birthday due to her being smaller than the average two-year-old.

Amge is an actress and she worked with Jessica Lange and other A-list stars when he stook on the role of Ma Petit in American Horror Story: Freak Show, which aired in 2014.

Outrage as 7ft 1ins wrestler swings around world's shortest woman (2024)


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